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As the world has become more complicated, Winhere has focused all its energy and resources on the research, development and manufacturing of brake disc, brake drum and brake pads. 


Our professionalization and specialization have made great contributions to make our products highly attractive in both price and quality. Over the past 25 years, Winhere has expanded from a small start-up to a large company with our products shipped to customers all over the world. However, Winhere is not content with its existing achievements. We will continue to focus, improve and invest in ourselves to further expand. 


 Winhere is satisfied only when our customers are satisfied;

 Winhere is satisfied only when our employees are satisfied;

 Winhere is satisfied only when society is satisfied.


Thank you!



Advanced foundry equipment and professional R&D teams provide a solid foundation for the quality and supply of iron castings. 

Winhere foundry workshops are designed and constructed to embrace the concept of environment protection. Foundry facilities incorporating world-class medium-frequency induction furnaces, automated molding lines, sand treatment systems and core making equipment are employed to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emission.


More than 300 brake production lines together with the stable process capability control not only guarantees that all key criteria of products are met but realizes brake system diversity and production flexibility.


Winhere has a total of 20 brake disc automatic coating lines and is an officially authorized partner of GEOMET®. We are the first company in China to introduce German SPRIMAG® fully automatic coating line, which can meet the requirements of well-known European OE Manufacturers. Meanwhile, our independently-developed coating lines are intelligent enough to fulfill precise coating.


Winhere can offer numerous coating options, including water-based Zinc-aluminum coating, Zinc dust coating, high-temperature resistant coating, partial coating etc., to meet customers’ tailored demands.


Winhere attaches great importance to occupational health and environmental protection. The spraying room is unmanned, and the spraying exhaust is properly treated. Winhere environmental protection criteria are all above China national standards.

partial black coating brake parts     Partial Black Coating
coated brake disc     Coated Product Type


Advanced automatic batching system and worldwide top Loedige mixer could ensure accurate weighing and uniform mixing of friction materials, which lays solid foundation for product consistency.

automatic brake mixing system     Automatic Mixing System


14 imported semi-automated pressing lines and 2 IAG fully-automated pressing lines can accomplish positive press and guarantees stable and reliable production quality.

automated brake parts hot pressing line     Hot Pressing


Winhere Quality Inspection Center was certified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and was issued an accreditation certificate with registration number CNAS L10951 in April, 2018.World-class testing facilities including the automated spectrum analyzer, X-ray detector, automated onsite measurement system and automated balancing machine are broadly used in quality inspection and process capability control. 

Testing is a crucial part for R&D and Winhere has rich experience in Dyno testing. Now Winhere is equipped with 9 dynamometers from LINK to conduct product verifications like strength, thermal performance and NVH for brake systems of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Also, there are professional equipment for natural frequency and damping measurement, such as LMS, RTE, etc., which strongly support the product development and approval.


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