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Winhere has more than 100 engineers dedicated to our technical and R&D teams. They are highly educated in OEM development, high performance and new technologies. Meanwhile, Winhere also attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property. From 2017 to 2020 Winhere has received over 30 patents worldwide and published 11 technical papers in top forums, such as SAE, Eurobrake and others. What’s more, Winhere plays an instrumental role in drafting 8 national specifications and industrial standards, such as Brake Disc for Automobile, Product Specifications and Test Methods of Brake Disc for Passenger Vehicles.

innovative brake discs


Winhere has invested heavily in automation throughout our workshops. Full automation means quality control, capacity and defects are all controlled using artificial intelligence. As the castings enter the fully automated workshop, the complete machining and coating process is fully monitored and adjusted up to the point the finished auto spare parts are transported out.


Automated workshops not only drastically improve the product consistency and ensure stable quality, but also maximize production capacity.


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