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Why and how to clean brake parts effectively?

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The brake system is the most critical system in a car. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the brake fluid in the brake master cylinder generates pressure. which is transferred by fluid hrough the pipes to the pistons in the calipers of each wheel, which tighten the brake pads and brake discs before driving the calipers, thus generating friction and slowing down the vehicle. In recent years, there have been a few traffic accidents due to brake system failures. This article will briefly summarize how brake parts are cleaned and provide a brief analysis and introduction to brake parts.



The reasons for cleaning brake parts.

How to clean brake parts ?

The market demand for cleaning brake parts.


The reasons for cleaning brake parts.

Car brake parts will have wear and tear, and serious wear will cause a bad experience in using them. How to effectively extend the service life of brake parts is often the focus of many car owners. Reducing the frequency of brake use, avoiding heavy braking and emergency braking, and using engine braking to reduce the speed of the car can all help to improve the life of the brake pads. At the same time, it is also important to clean the brake parts regularly. Regular cleaning of brake parts could improve their efficiency and prevent brake system from failure, but also prevents brake system failure.


How to clean brake parts ?

·Wheel removal

Remove the wheels and observe which form of braking system is used on the vehicle and look for rust around the brake discs and wheel hubs.The brake discs could be polished if they are rusted slightly.



·Cleaning the brake discs and pads

Remove the brake pump, discs and calipers, and then clean the surface and perimeter of the disc to prevent any foreign objects from entering the inside of the disc. Next, clean the brake pads, the inside of the caliper and the inside of the brake distributor pump.


·Recovery work

At the end of the cleaning process, the brake parts are fitted and restored, and the tyres are then returned to their original state.


These are the main Steps for brake parts cleaning. Brake parts generate transient high temperatures when braking, especially at high speeds or during emergency braking. At high temperatures, the friction coefficient of the friction pads decreases, known as thermal degradation. Therefore, do not clean the brake parts immediately after using the car again to prevent them from breaking due to thermal expansion and contraction.


The market demand for cleaning brake parts.

Vehicle has been a very common transportation with the continuous improvement of social and economic. At the same time, the social demand for brake parts is gradually expanding. So, the market for cleaning brake parts is expanding too. Besides, more and more people realize that professionally cleaning brake parts is related to the safety of driving, which also contributes to the growth of the market.

Home / News / Technical Brake Articles / Why and how to clean brake parts effectively?


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