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Passenger Car Front Ventilated Brake Disc for OE#68250087AA/68250085AA

Classification: Brake Disc 
Origin: Shandong, China.
Machining: Turning, grinding 
Color: Gray, black, metal, gold.
Brand: Private label, customized label.  
Transport Package: Box, carton, pallet, bulk. 
Anti-rust Methods: Oiled, painted, coated, zinc dust. 
Material: Gray Iron, High Carbon, G3000, GG15HC, DIN, SAE.
Certification: IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001, ECE R90, AMECA.
Main Market: Global market.
  • OE#1K0615601N/5Q0615601E/5QM615601A/3QD615601A/YH20201
  • Private Label, Customized Label
  • 8708309990

Winhere Company Profile

  • Being a world leading professional brake parts manufacturer, Winhere produces more than 55 million units of brake discs and 10 million sets of brake pads annually for OEM and IAM. 

  • 96%+ car parc coverage of brake discs and brake pads from A to Z for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. 

  • IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001, ECE R90, CNAS certificated. 

  • National Green Manufacturer and China’s Champion Enterprise awarded by M.I.I.T. and C.F.I.E. 

  • National Standard of “Brake Disc for Automobile” GB/T 34422-2017 is led by National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for automobile parts, Winhere is the responsible drafting company for this national standard.

Passenger Car Front Ventilated Brake Disc

Brake Disc Features:                                                   

Equivalent to OE design 

•Smooth and quick stop 


•Low noise, low dust 

•Optimal thermal performance 


  • 100% critical dimensions, runout and DTV inspection 

  • Material physical and chemical inspection

  • Test shear strength, compressibility, density, flatness and parallelism 

  • Test performance and noise/NVH




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