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Important knowledge about brake system

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With the development of the times, the braking systems of cars have started to be gradually upgraded. As an important part of safe driving, the braking system not only provides safety for the driver, but also reduces traffic accidents. The braking system can only be applied to the car by external forces acting in the opposite direction to the car's direction of travel, and the magnitude of these forces is random, so the car must be equipped with a series of special devices to achieve these functions. In this article, we will briefly analyse the braking system from the characteristics of the braking system and how it works.



How does nitrogen work in the brake system?

How can I avoid brake system failure?

The characteristics of brake system.


How does nitrogen work in the brake system?

The brake system pressurizes and cools nitrogen to liquefy it to form liquid nitrogen. Then it enters the brake system as a liquid. Because the liquid cannot be compressed, it is able to transmit almost 100% of the power. The basic principle is that the driver depresses the brake peda to apply pressure to the brake fluid in the brake master cylinder, and the liquid transmits the pressure through the lines to the pistons in the brake calipers of each wheel, which achieves a deceleration effect.


How can I avoid brake system failure?

If you find that you have to step hard to make your car stop safely, it's time to check your brake system.It is important to replace the brake pads of the brake system in time, check the brake fluid, and check the brake discs to ensure that the entire brake system is in good condition. Your laxity in car maintenance may make the brakes to fail.


The characteristics of brake system.

·Reliable work

The car should not lose steering and directional stability when braking at any speed. The braking capacity of a vehicle is assessed by the braking deceleration and braking distance at a certain initial braking speed. The braking system therefore needs to have sufficient braking effect.


·Very long service life

Brakes are devices that have the function of slowing down, stopping or holding moving parts in place. Any braking component has a certain service life, as it undergoes a lot of friction during its operation, and if the braking system is not durable enough, safe driving will be compromised.



The lightness of handling and the good follow-through are features that make it easier to replace parts.


In the wave of automotive intelligence, both the mode of operation of the automotive industry and the value of the car to the consumer are gradually being redefined. In the future, it is expected that the types and technologies of braking systems will be further upgraded. Our company manufactures a wide range of brake components, for more information, please visit our website

Home / News / Technical Brake Articles / Important knowledge about brake system


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