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How to properly use braking system?

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In recent years, China's automobile production has maintained a high growth rate, and car ownership will continue to grow, which provides a broad space for the development of China's auto parts industry. Despite this, many people still do not know how to properly operate and maintain the brake system. This article will combine some common considerations for the brake system to make a brief analysis of the brake system.



How to improve the working efficiency of braking system?

How to maintain a working system?

How to deal with braking system failure?


How to improve the working efficiency of braking system?

·Practice good driving habits

Emergency braking causes great damage to brake pads and brake discs, so brake slowly or apply the brakes with a spot brake, as this will cause less wear and tear on the brake pads.


·Regular inspection of components

After a long journey, the braking system should be carefully inspected for knocks, damage and leaks in the brake lines.


·Replacing brake discs and pads

As brake pads and discs are wear parts, they require extra attention in terms of maintenance. Most models are fitted with a brake pad excessive wear indicator, which will illuminate a fault light or emit a sharp metallic sound when braking if the brake pads are worn to their limit, prompting the owner to replace them in time. Only by replacing the brake discs and pads regularly can you avoid brake system failure.


A car's braking system is vital to the safety of the car on the road. For a moving vehicle, not being able to stop is much more frightening than not being able to run. Therefore, only regular maintenance and servicing of the braking system will ensure that the braking system can work properly and thus ensure safe driving.


How to maintain a working system?

Maintaining a dry environment is the best way to maintain your car's braking system. When the brakes are wet, it is best to go to a specialized service point to have them blown dry to restore the braking function of the braking system, and also to blow away the mud and sand brought in by the rain to reduce the damage they can do to the braking system. For this reason, we need to reduce the need to leave the car parked in wet conditions for long periods of time.


How to deal with braking system failure?

When the brake fails, the driver must first remain calm, we can directly control the direction according to road conditions and speed at the same time quickly downshift. It is worth mentioning that when vehicles are going down a long slope, drivers should lightly apply the brake to test the braking performance.


The above are the considerations regarding the operation and maintenance of the braking system. Careful attention should be paid to the above in order to give full play to the main functions of the braking system. Winhere manufactures various types of braking system accessories, such as brake discs, brake pads and so on. If you need more information about our products, please contact us.

Home / News / Technical Brake Articles / How to properly use braking system?


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