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How to control the braking system?

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In order to ensure the safe operation of the car and improve its average speed to increase transport productivity, a variety of cars are equipped with special braking mechanism. Such a series of specialized devices is called the braking system. To know how to control the braking system, we must know the working principles and some basic knowledge about braking system. So, this article will explain the working principle of the braking system and then the control of the braking system.



The working principle of braking system.

What are the common accessories in the braking system?

How to control the braking system effectively?


The working principle of braking system.

The working principle of brakes is mainly from friction. Automobiles use the friction between brake pads and brake discs and tires and the ground to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle's travel into the heat energy after friction and stop the car.


A well-efficient braking system is able to provide stable, sufficient and controllable braking force to ensure that the force applied by the driver from the brake pedal can be fully and effectively transmitted to the master pump and each sub-pump, and to avoid hydraulic failure and brake recession caused by high heat.


What are the common accessories in the braking system?

Brake parts are the parts of the vehicle braking system. The function of the braking system is to make the moving car to be forced to slow down or even stop according to the driver's requirement. Brake parts include: vacuum booster, brake chamber, brake assembly, hydraulic brake pump, brake disc, brake pad and other brake parts.


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How to control the braking system effectively?

·Press the brake pedal lightly

With sufficient braking distance, please slowly and continuously depress the brake pedal to decelerate evenly, and when the body tends to stop, slowly lift the brake pedal until it is completely released when it stops. Put your foot on the brake pedal when you notice that the car in front of you is starting to brake, apply pressure evenly, maintain the brake pedal position and adjust the braking force.


·Pre-curve braking

Pre-curve braking is an important skill to follow on curved roads, braking before entering the curve, slowing down and slowly entering the curve, and then accelerating out of the curve. While braking on a curved road, you have to hit the direction and adjust the body attitude at any time with the curvature of the road.


·Avoid stalling the engine

When applying the brakes, first press the clutch down with one foot, then apply the brakes according to the speed of the car. This will prevent the car from stalling with one foot of brake, and the damage to the vehicle is relatively small.

Home / News / Technical Brake Articles / How to control the braking system?


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