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How to clean brake disc rotors

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At present, friction brakes are widely used in automobile brake systems, and their friction structure can be divided into three types: drum, disc and belt. High quality auto parts have been widely used in various levels of cars, light vehicles, trucks, luxury buses and heavy trucks. This article will mainly focus on how to clean the brake disc rotors through some explanation on the necessity of brake disc rotors maintenance, ways to set up the brake disc and Precautions for maintenance of disc brakes rotors.

  • The necessity of brake disc rotors maintenance

  • Ways to set up the brake disc

  • Precautions for maintenance of disc brakes rotors

The necessity of brake disc rotors maintenance


The brake pads need to be maintained because of friction, otherwise there will be obvious problems, such as squeals or friction. If the brake problem is not solved, it may cause MOT to fail.


The most common way to repair brakes is to replace the brake pads. Disc brake pads usually have a piece of metal called a wear indicator. When enough friction material is worn, the wear indicator will touch the brake disc and make a squeaking sound. This means it's time to replace new brake pads.


It takes some mechanical tools and time to check the wear of the brake pads. At the same time, make sure that the wheel bolts are tightened correctly to avoid excessive tightening. For some drivers, this can be time-consuming.

disc brake friction members


Ways to set up the brake disc


Occasionally, the automotive brake disc may become soft and unresponsive, usually due to tiny air bubbles remaining in the system. This requires deflation of the brakes, which in some cases requires specific deflation kits and tools. Generally speaking, the tools required for the setting of disc brakes are also widely used in other aspects of bicycle sports. What needs to be considered is the operating costs of different systems, mainly through consumables such as brake pads. Unless you often ride in wet and gravel conditions, the life of the disc will usually be longer than a set of brake pads.


Precautions for maintenance of disc brakes rotors


  • Be careful when disassembling the vehicle to avoid damage to the brake pipe;

  • When disassembling the wheel, be sure not to damage the brake disc, external pipe, bleed screw and mudguard;


  • When installing non-standard or offset wheels, make sure that they do not touch the brake caliper; when repairing passenger car disc brakes, do not use air hoses or dry brushes to clean the disc brake assembly. Use a professional vacuum cleaner to avoid breathing The dust of the brake; carefully adjust the wheel bearing to eliminate the wheel end clearance;

  • The brake fluid sucked from the reservoir of the master cylinder when the piston returns should be refilled: Before driving, the brake pedal should be depressed many times to make the brake clearance meet the specified requirements; to prevent rapid wear of the brake pad friction lining. Do not apply pressure to the brake pedal during driving (except for braking conditions);

  • When the hydraulic system is exhausted, you can tap the brake caliper with a wooden hammer to help clear the air bubbles in the brake fluid;

  • Be careful when blowing the brake caliper piston with compressed air. It is best to use a thick cloth as a cushion, and the gas pressure is reduced. When it gets bigger, it gradually increases. If the piston cannot be blown out, you can turn off the air supply, tap the disc brake caliper with a wooden hammer, and then try to pass in compressed air: when removing the rotating disc and removing the brake caliper, place a thick brake block Baffle to prevent the piston of the brake caliper from being squeezed out of the wheel cylinder;

  • Do not disassemble the brake caliper when it has two half shells. Grease, oil, brake fluid or any other foreign matter must not touch the brake friction pads, brake calipers, long life brake disc surfaces and the outer surface of the wheel hub;

  • Handle the brake discs and calipers carefully to avoid damage to the brake discs, scratches or scratches on the brake friction pads.


The automobile brake system is an important active safety system for automobile driving, and its performance has an important influence on the driving safety of car wash. Therefore, it is vital to maintain and maintain your car's disc brakes properly.

Home / News / Technical Brake Articles / How to clean brake disc rotors


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