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How to Install Brake Disc?

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose to use cars as their means of transportation. But the safety of the car comes first. The normal braking function is one of the guarantees for safe driving of the car. Cars can brake normally without the help of brake discs. In fact, the brake disc is a consumable product. Regular replacement and installation of brake discs that have worn to the limit is an essential task for car owners. Maybe you don't know how to install brake discs, don't worry, this article will teach you how to install brake discs and will tell you some precautions.

  • Preparation tools for installing brake discs

  • Steps to install the brake disc

  • Precautions for installing the brake disc

1. Preparation tools for installing brake discs

The preparation tools for installing the brake disc are simple: a wrench, a jack, a screwdriver, brake discs, and a pair of gloves.


2. Steps to install the brake disc

When you have all the necessary tools ready and put on your gloves, we can start our installation steps. First, you need to use a jack to hold up the car that needs to install the brake disc, and use a wrench and other tools to remove the car's tires. After the tires are removed, you need to use tools to remove the sub-cylinder and front wheel assembly. Next, you should disassemble the front wheel bearing cover. Please note that when you perform this step, you need to use special tools to avoid damaging the sealing effect of the bearing cover. The last thing you need to remove is the front brake disc baffle. When the parts that need to be disassembled are removed, you can install a new automotive brake disc. First you need to install the passenger car brake disc baffle with tools. Next, you need to install the front wheel bearing and the bearing cap wheel cylinder bracket. After you install the brake pads, press on the sub-cylinder and tighten the screws of the sub-cylinder and the bracket with a screwdriver. After you tighten the bolts and press on the hub, your brake disc is installed.


3. Precautions for installing the brake disc

You must be careful when replacing the brake disc, you need to remove the brake caliper entirely. If possible, try not to separate the brake caliper from the hydraulic circuit, otherwise the hydraulic fluid of the brake system will be released during the final process of changing the brake disc. During the installation process, you need to avoid straining the brake hose. You need to make sure that the connecting plate is dry, free from burrs and scratches. You can clean the brake surface of the automotive brake disc with a suitable detergent to remove the anti-rust oil. Because if the protective film of the brake surface is not cleaned, the braking effect will be weakened. When you install the brake disc, make sure that the torque is appropriate and constant. After the installation is complete, you can check the passenger car brake disc runout, the runout is usually 0.09mm. If the runout is out of tolerance, there is a problem, you need to remove the brake disc and reinstall it. When installing the wheel, no oil should be used on the shaft. You need to tighten it evenly and forcefully or use a specific torque to tighten it clockwise in two stages.


I hope this article can help you. Learning to install the brake discs in time by yourself can not only ensure your driving safety, but also save you a lot of installation costs. If you need to buy brake discs, we can provide you with long life brake disc, high quality auto parts and so on. We are a professional and well-known manufacturer, welcome to contact us.

Home / News / Technical Brake Articles / How to Install Brake Disc?


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