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How is the performance of heavy commercial vehicle brake discs?

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As a global leader in parts design, manufacturing and production, we can produce brake pads to meet the needs of all the world's major commercial vehicles. With our products, you can offer driver performance and safety enhancing brake pads for trucks, trailers, buses and many other commercial vehicles.

The main advantages of our brake pads for large vehicles are. First, one of the world's most advanced friction materials for improved efficiency, they outperform original equipment service (OES) parts in independent testing. Second, our high-performance test track regularly tests bedding and fade and ensures excellent safety. Third, our products are compatible with the most advanced anti-lock braking technology.

Brake pads are extremely important to the output and safety performance of any commercial vehicle. With the higher demands placed on cars and trucks compared to conventional ones, brake pads for commercial vehicles need to be more robust. By using the latest manufacturing technology and a rigorous testing process, we can provide this. How do commercial vehicle brake pads perform in a practical way? What are its advantages?

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Disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks come with several advantages

How can I improve my braking performance?

Increase the disc radius

Increase caliper piston area

Line Pressure

The friction coefficient between the friction pads and the rotor

Disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks come with several advantages

The cost of having a disc brake is lower compared to a drum brake, which is why it offers better value to the user. When it comes to performance, it is usually resistant to fading. It has a minimal effect due to rust, water or dirt contamination. Since the caliper is self-adjusting, many users get rid of brake adjustment problems.

For many truck owners, disc brakes are a better choice due to less maintenance. In drum brakes, there are nine to 12 moving parts. Conversely, there are fewer moving parts on disc brakes, which reduces maintenance requirements. This feature ensures a longer service life. The friction pads are easily accessible when performing inspections or replacements. Calipers can be easily reached for cleaning purposes. You may have noticed that for maintenance purposes, there is no need to remove the hub and rotor when the entire caliper is removed. Because of these features, many people choose disc brakes on heavy trucks.

Although air disc brakes are gradually taking some market share in recent years. But replacing drum brakes with air disc brakes can involve a lot of heavy lifting. It can be time consuming and dangerous for the mechanic.

How can I improve my braking performance?

Before you get excited about improving your car's brakes, it's vital to understand that they perform as well as the tires and suspension. If you are using hard tires that skip all road imperfections, then upgraded brake pads will actually not help. The improvement in braking torque assumes that you are not limited by traction. The improvement in brake fade assumes that you actually make the brakes hot enough that they lose performance. For the vast majority of cars driven on public roads, the brakes will be more than adequate.

To be clear, there are four ways to improve braking torque.

1. Increase the disc radius

Larger discs will allow for greater braking torque because the brake lining will apply pressure over a larger radius, thus allowing for greater torque. Braking torque is equal to the force exerted by the lining block multiplied by the distance exerted by the force from the center of the wheel. In this case, we would increase the distance to the center. This is a good thing.

2. Increase caliper piston area

Increasing the size of the pistons (or the number of pistons) means you will have a larger area to apply a specific pressure. If the pressure remains constant and the area increases, the force applied will increase.

3. Line Pressure

Push your foot hard and the car brakes hard. This is due to an increase in line pressure. If you can increase the line pressure (possibly by creating a larger lever arm for the brake pedal to act or using vacuum assist), you can increase the braking torque.

4. The friction coefficient between the friction pads and the rotor

It may be self-explanatory, but if you can increase the friction between the brake lining and the rotor (this depends on the choice of material; brake lining manufacturers often provide this data), you can increase the braking torque. However, as the friction increases, so does the heat, and thus your heat dissipation performance must increase along with it, which is usually difficult to improve.


If you would like more detailed information on how to improve your braking performance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Home / News / Technical Brake Articles / How is the performance of heavy commercial vehicle brake discs?


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