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Automechanika Shanghai 2023 Fair Grand Opening

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2023 Automechanika Shanghai Exhibition was successfully held from November 29th to December 2nd. Automechanika returned to Shanghai after four-year pandemic hiatus, and Winhere proudly participated in the event.

Our booth, spanning 150 square meters, was strategically located in the main channel of the exhibition hall. We made significant investments in on-site advertising and had over 30 sales staff members present. Additionally, a Porsche racing car equipped with Winhere's discs and pads was prominently displayed at the front of our booth.

The wide range of brake discs and pads showcased at our booth exemplified our company's exceptional R&D capabilities and high production standards. Throughout the exhibition, we had fruitful interactions with over a hundred existing domestic and overseas customers who recognized and embraced both the Winhere brand name and its products within the automotive market.

This successful exhibition marked a milestone for Winhere as it became our largest and most impactful participation in all previous auto parts fairs. Undoubtedly, this achievement will have a profoundly positive impact on next year's global promotion and marketing efforts for Winhere's products.

We are eagerly looking forward to an even more successful year ahead in 2024!

Home / News / Company News / Automechanika Shanghai 2023 Fair Grand Opening


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